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The Latest Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Industry Insights

The Basics of Green Retrofitting Hotels
By 2023, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) predicts that commercial building owners will have invested an estimated $960 billion globally on greening their existing buildings. No exception to this trend, the hospitality industry has also embraced sustainable retrofitting to achieve energy savings and improved guest experiences. As more hotels seek this type of renovation, here are a few recommendations engineers might offer:

Understand the Building Structure: A building audit should be the first step in retrofitting a hotel. According to a panel hosted by Urban Land, it’s important to evaluate a building as a whole. This includes knowing the regulations in place at its initial development and evaluating current factors such as insulation effectiveness and natural light patterns

Select Energy-Efficient and Flexible Systems: Traditional HVAC and lighting systems should be replaced with flexible and unobtrusive units that meet green certification requirements, such as LEED®. This allows for a contemporary aesthetic, maximizes space that can be used to expand a lobby or guest room and provides energy savings.

Install Smart Controls: After a building is sustainably retrofitted, the real savings come from proper system control. Smart controls allow mechanical systems to have set run times and utilize data to optimize guest comfort and energy efficiency

Mitsubishi VRF meets the above requirements which makes them the best set of equipment’s in the Market.
Mitsubishi has continually maintained a standard of delivering Top Quality always, and can indisputably boast about providing the most durable VRF in the world.

Product Innovation

Diamond System Builder: Streamlining HVAC Design for Hotels

Hotels have a variety of temperature zones across a range of comfort needs. From guest rooms, to spas, to kitchens and everything in between, the hospitality industry requires energy-efficient HVAC systems with diverse functionality. Before development begins, it’s important to ensure system efficiency and effectiveness through testing system design. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric) has streamlined this process with our Diamond System Builder™ software
The layout and system selection software allow for efficient design of all Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems. With this tool, engineers are able to:
* Utilize Built–In Tests: Confirm line lengths, maximize connected capacities, and ensure the component selection and control scheme are designed within the required

* Generate Schematics: Generate AutoCAD® schematics with wiring and piping diagrams to ease the installation process.
* View Summary Sheets: View automatically generated summary sheets for projects to simplify job quoting and track required equipment.
* Sync Remotely: The product database is constantly updated. With remote database syncing, engineers can view the most recent product updates from anywhere.

Case Study

Boutique Hotel Maximizes Space and Comfort with VRF Technology

When Los Angeles real estate partners, Michael Orwitz and Spence Mitchum, found a dilapidated building situated between Beverly Hills and the Miracle Mile, they knew it was the ideal location for a boutique hotel. With limited space and a goal of achieving LEED® Silver certification, an efficient and versatile HVAC system was key. The choice was clear: The Superior Quality of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology was perfect for The Hotel Wilshire, now operated by Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group. Walter Jukes, project manager for Creative Engineering Group was one of the engineers who helped specify the hotel’s use of VRF technology. “Because we had little real estate on the roof, the Mitsubishi [Electric] outdoor units were ideal because of their small footprint. Furthermore, Mitsubishi [Electric] engineering allowed us to combine condensers, saving even more space. With a traditional split system, we would have had a huge farm on the rooftop, which would have meant no room for the pool.”




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